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Should You Apply for a Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contract?

In a time and age where mobile phones are like an extra limb we cannot live without, it’s crucial to find the ideal phone deal to take care of your monthly usage. When choosing a phone contract deal, for example, most people would think that it’s all about picking the right handset. The handset is certainly an important aspect but there’s another key factor to consider and that is your credit rating.

When your credit rating is poor or bad, you are less likely to get approved for a phone contract. This is where options such as guaranteed phone contracts maybe worth considering. To know more about these offers, here is everything you need to know about guaranteed phone contract deals.

What is a guaranteed phone deal?

As per the name, a guaranteed phone deal is a type of phone contract offer where approval is often guaranteed regardless of your credit score. With this type of phone deal, you don’t have to worry about credit checks anymore. Rather than base approval on your credit score,

Who is it for?

Guaranteed phone deals are for consumers who are struggling to get approved for a phone contract elsewhere. If your application has ever been rejected then these specific deals tailored specifically for people with bad credit makes an excellent alternative.

With a guaranteed phone deal, the requirements are more basic and simpler than ever. To be eligible, you really just need to be of legal age and of course, a resident in the UK. You will be asked to provide proof of income in addition to basic documents such as IDs with pictures, billing address and more.

What can you get from the deal?

Like a traditional phone contract, you’ll enjoy a similar set of advantages with guaranteed phone deal. From the free handset to affordable rates on call, text and data services, the phone offer is brimming with advantages provided that you snatch the right deal to meet your needs. Unlike traditional phone deals for people with good credit, however, the handset selection may be limited. In most cases, you’ll only have cheaper and older models for options to keep the monthly cost lower and at a more manageable amount.

How much is the monthly fee for the deal?

Considering that guaranteed phone deals are for people with bad credit, the monthly fee may be higher than what a traditional phone contract may cost. To compensate for the high risks providers are getting themselves into, they may inject additional charges to your monthly fee hence spiking the cost. This is not to say that guaranteed phone deals are expensive per se. The charges are just higher than if you have good credit. In any case, applying for a guaranteed phone contract is a good start if you’re hoping to get a better phone package in the future. If you can pay your monthly dues on time each month, chances are high that your credit score may improve along the way.

Should you get one?

If you believe that getting a phone contract deal is going to be more cost effective for your case, go for it by all means. While you still have a poor credit score to deal with, applying for a guaranteed phone contract is a smart move that will still give you a handset and potential savings on your phone bill. The trick, at the end of the day, is to ensure that you look for a suitable deal that perfectly meets both your budget and your monthly phone service usage.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Providers

Choosing the right provider if you’re hoping to snag a suitable phone contract deal may be harder than usual because of the numerous options available. Just because one provider is hailed the best provider doesn’t automatically mean that it’s also the best option for you. If you want to nail your provider choice, there are key factors you need to consider which include the following:
Monthly usage
Before you can find the right phone deal or carrier, you must first know your monthly usage. Even a rough estimate of your monthly usage will help. If you have older bills, you can use that to estimate your need for calls, text and data allowance. When you shop around for a deal, use this estimate as basis or guide.
Let’s not forget about your budget. Most providers offer a wide variety of phone deals to cater to a more diverse need. Whether you’re a light or heavy mobile user, there is a deal perfect for your pockets. There are also carriers that cater to budget-conscious consumers. Some of these carriers, for example, offer value and low cost phone deals with affordable monthly fees and flexible terms.
Speed of service
Like the next mobile phone user, you’d want the fastest service. Whether you’re availing the 3G or 4G connectivity, speed is an important factor to consider when choosing or comparing your network provider. Of the number of providers in the UK, Three, EE and O2 topped the list for offering fast connectivity nationwide. You might want to check out these carriers if you’re going to do a lot of uploading, downloading and browsing on your mobile phone.
When choosing your carrier, don’t focus your attention on just the speed. Yes, speed is important but also equally important is coverage. Not all providers have strong coverage throughout UK. Depending on your location, you’d want a provider that offers the strongest coverage in your area. You may seek recommendations, read user reviews and use comparison sites to find more about your potential carrier’s coverage strength for your particular location.
Reliable service is also a must if you want to make the most of your phone contract deal. Make sure your provider is known for their reliable service and not just for the hot handsets they are offering. After all, what will you do with your high-end mobile phone if your service is crappy? Find a carrier that you can rely on for fast service and excellent coverage to enjoy a slew of advantages.
Customer Service
Before you’re going to be hooked for the next 24 months or may be longer with your carrier, you need to make sure said carrier offers topnotch customer service. Whether you like it or not, you’ll be calling customer service at one point or another. When you do, you’d want excellent customer service to greet you.

Comparing the Best Network Providers in the UK

So you’ve chosen your handset. You know you want the latest high-end mobile phone that boasts all the bells and whistle. There’s just one problem. You can’t afford to pay for it upfront. This is where getting a mobile phone contract makes perfect sense. With a phone contract, you can leverage the phone’s cost by paying for it over 24 months.

If you’re decided on getting a phone contract, remember that choosing your mobile phone is just the start. To ensure that you’re getting the best end of the deal, choosing your provider is critical especially at a time and age of constant connectivity. To help you compare the best UK network providers, here is a quick guide you should really check out.

Considering that most mobile users’ main concern is their 3G or 4G connectivity, this guide will focus on said services when determining the best providers in the UK. Connectivity is tested according to speed, video tests and download speed as well as upload speed. And the results are as follows:

Best Network Provider

When it comes to the best mobile network providers, Three was hailed as the best in the UK because it offers both quality 3G and 4G connectivity nationwide. In terms of speed, Three was able to provide the fastest 3G and 4G services not just on selected areas but essentially across UK. This means that Three is a name you can trust for dependable and reliable services wherever you may be in the country.

Fastest Network Provider

When choosing your network provider, it’s certainly not all speed but it encompasses most of what you’ll need in a good provider. Based on several speed tests including download, upload and browsing speeds, Three remains as the best choice if you want the fastest 3G and 4G network. Compared with rival networks, Three won all categories providing fast upload and download speed as well as surfing speed nationwide.

Following closely behind is EE which offers the second fastest 3G and 4G services. Then lagging on the third spot is O2 with slightly lower speeds but still reliable across UK. Bagging the fourth sport in terms of speed is Vodafone.

Best Network Providers in Terms of Coverage

While speed is important, there’s another factor you need to consider when comparing network providers and that is coverage. Not all carriers in the UK boast the same reliable coverage throughout the country. Three may offer the fastest 3G and 4G network but it doesn’t necessarily translate to reliability.

But it looked like Three is living up to the expectations. As per test results, Three topped the tests again with the most reliable coverage throughout UK. This is including some rural areas in the UK. The results showed that Three completed 90% of all tests, which was followed by EE at 79%. As for O2 and Vodafone, there was a significant drop to the completed tasks at about 23%. This means no connectivity in many areas especially in rural areas in the UK.

Best 3G and 4G Network Provider

Three continued to get ahead of its rival network providers by boasting the best 3G and 4G networks in the UK. Three’s services showed off the best performance as per test results where the network completed 90% of the tests without hitch. In terms of 4G connectivity, Three again topped the tests at 90% completed results.

The test goes to show that if you’re looking for fast, reliable and the best coverage for your mobile phone plan, Three may be the best provider you are looking for no matter where you are in the UK.


Quick Guide to UK Mobile Phone Network Providers

Fortunately for mobile UK users, UK has some of the world’s best mobile phone providers. Aside from offering a wide selection of exciting handsets, UK providers offer 3G and 4G coverage, generous bundle plans and irresistible incentives. Whether you are a budget-conscious consumer or you’re looking to avail the latest high-end handset, there is a provider that can perfectly meet your needs. To help you compare your options, here is a quick overview of UK carriers.


If you’re looking for the fastest 4G speeds, EE offers the best and most extensive 4G network coverage across UK. 4G is also five times faster than 3G hence perfect for mobile users who rely on their mobile phone for checking email, Internet browsing and more.


As one of the largest mobile network providers in the UK, O2 is another option worth looking at. The carrier is known for its quality 3G coverage. But more than that, O2 is also popular for the high-end handset offers. In fact, O2 is the first UK network provider to offer iPhones nationwide.


If a wide selection of phone deals is what you’re looking for, look no further than Vodafone for the right phone deal. The carrier is known for offering cheaper handsets to high-end mobile phones catering to all types of mobile users and a more diverse preference. Like other carriers, Vodafone also has a range of incentives that are sure to sweeten the deal.


Another huge carrier that offers an exciting portfolio handset is Three. From iPhones to the latest Android phones and Nokia Lumia selection, Three has them all. In fact, the famous network provider has received recognitions of their award-winning phone deal offers. The One plan, in particular, has been a bestseller thanks to its generous bundle plans that cater to heavy mobile phone users.

Virgin Media

If low cost is what you’re looking for, you can count on Virgin Media to give you exactly what you want. The network provider is known for the low cost phone tariffs especially if you’re not very particular with your handset option. With Virgin Mobile, you can avail a phone tariff starting from £10 per month. The deal already includes a good phone as well as a bundle plan inclusive of call, text and data services.

Mobile by Sainsbury’s

With 99% coverage across UK, Mobile by Sainsbury’s is another carrier option worth looking at. Though not as popular as the aforementioned providers, the carrier sets itself apart from the competition by offering generous usage allowances. Plus there’s also the free Nectar Points you can avail along the way.


Another value network provider that offers low cost deals is Giffgaff. You may not be able to get your hands on the latest high-end handset but you’re sure to get hooked up to an affordable plan with Giffgaff. Giffgaff offers a wide selection of phone deals at affordable monthly fees with flexible terms.

Tesco Mobile

In tie up with O2, Tesco Mobile is another provider you can look into if you’re looking for an affordable phone deal. As the largest Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Tesco has your convenience in mind. When you sign up with this carrier, you also enjoy free Tesco Clubcard points.

Talk Mobile

When it comes to affordability, Talk Mobile is another name you can trust. The carrier has been dubbed as the “value network carrier“ in the UK because of its affordable phone tariffs catering to mobile users nationwide. Talk Mobile boasts 99% covers in the UK.


How to Choose Your Mobile Network Provider

If you’re going to apply for a mobile phone contract, choosing the best handset and bundle to suit your needs is not enough. Equally as crucial in your decision is how to choose your mobile network provider. There are quite a number of carriers available in the UK. Your job is to compare these providers as thoroughly as you can so you’ll end up getting a deal you’ll be happy to get tied up with for the next 24 months.

In case you don’t know where to start and you need some assistance, here are simple tips you can try when choosing your carrier:

1. Check handset offers

Since you’re applying for a phone contract, one of the most important things you need to look at first is the handset selection. Not all providers offer the same handset choices. If you want the latest high-end option, for example, you can check out different phone deals offering the handset you have in mind. Based on your handset choice, you can then compare the prices and contract term so you can choose your carrier accordingly.

2. Compare bundle plans

In addition to comparing handset offers, you’ll also need to compare bundle plans. Each deal offer different bundle plans, which cover your call, text and data allowances. If you want to get hooked to a deal where you can save more money in the long run, you need to make sure your bundle plan is perfectly in sync with your monthly usage. Knowing your needs prior to applying for a phone contract therefore is one of the keys to finding the ideal carrier to go with.

3. Inquire about promos, freebies and incentives

In order to effectively lure customers, most if not all carriers are offering all kinds of incentives, promotions and freebies. Some providers, for example, are offering free gifts in addition to your handset and bundle plan combo. Free gifts may come in the form of another gadget such as a tablet, laptop, game console and even plasma TVs. When choosing your carrier, inquiring about these promotions and freebies may help finalize your decision. Just make sure that the added incentive will not spike your monthly fee in the process. For more details on incentives and exclusive current promotions, you can always call customer service.

4. Seek for recommendations

With so many carrier options available in the UK, choosing the right provider can be tough. This is where seeking recommendations from family and friends can help. If they’re happy with their services chances are high that you’ll be happy with the same carrier too. After all, nothing beats personal experience as proof of a potential carrier’s quality of services. While you’re at it, you can also read user reviews online. You can also use comparison sites to help you trim down your choices to the best carriers available in the UK today.

5. Ask about hidden fees

Before you close any deal and get yourself tied up to a lengthy contract, there’s another cost-related aspect to phone contracts you need to pay attention to. These are hidden fees, which are essentially additional charges to your monthly fee that you may not know about and it can spike your monthly fee month after month. Because carriers can be tricky, you need to be sneakier by asking about hidden fees prior to closing your phone deal. You can do it two ways. One is by reading the fine print for more details on hidden fees or you can directly call customer service and inquire about these fees.